Caring for your carpet

As with any purchase of a textile material, the appearance retention and durability of carpeting is governed by the care and attention it receives during its lifetime. Please remember that the wearing, indoors, of rubber soled shoes and trainers can cause extra wear; similarly, stilettos and metal tipped heels can also present a hazard to your carpeting.

Top 5 tips for Keeping your carpet looking great

Penthouse Carpets are made to last, but the importance of a regular cleaning or maintenance schedule cannot be over emphasised. Follow our top tips below to get the most from your new carpet.

  1. Use an upright vacuum cleaner with beater bar attachment two or three times a week on your twist pile carpet; and a vacuum cleaner without a beater bar for loop pile ranges.
  2. Tackle stains quickly and correctly. See our stain removal videos and guides.
  3. Place mats at each entrance to reduce the amount of dirt and soil brought into the room. Avoid rubber backed mats, as the backing can cause discolouration.
  4. Remove outdoor shoes when entering the room.
  5. Sunlight can cause discolouration. Close curtains where possible to help shade the carpet from extreme direct sunlight.
Choosing the Correct Vacuum for Your Carpet

Use the correct vacuum for your carpet

Loop Pile Carpet

Vacuum loop pile carpets with a cylinder cleaner using the suction head only. Do not use a beater bar/head or a brush head – as these are likely to get caught on the carpet and lift fibres creating piling, or worse could create pulls.

Loop Pile Carpet
Cut Pile Carpet

Vacuum a cut pile carpet with an upright vacuum cleaner. It’s OK to use with a beater bar/head and brush. You can use a cylinder vacuum if required, simply select a similar head attachment.

Cut Pile Carpet

Shading on Your Carpet

Shading or Pile Reversal is normal

All cut pile carpets, as with pile fabrics are liable to suffer shading or pile reversal, this appears as light and dark patches arising from the reorientation of the pile fibre. This feature is inherent in all pile fabrics, and is not a manufacturing defect.

Stain Removal for Wool Carpets

It’s always worth being prepared before accidents happen. We recommend watching the quick guide videos below so you know what steps to take in the event of a spillage.

View Our Stain Removal Guides

Characteristics of Your Wool Carpet

Wool carpets are natural products. They will have an inherent slight variation of colour between batches, and will require regular care and maintenance to prolong the life of the carpet. The links below provide more information about this.

Colour matching

What to bear in mind when installing new carpet that requires multiple widths

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Fading on Wool

How conditions can affect the fading of your carpet.

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Soiling is usually the result of some local condition to which the carpet has been subjected.

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Flattening will occur as a result of traffic which eventually flattens the pile.

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All cut pile carpets will lose short fibre, which is created during production when spun yarn is cut for tuft formation.

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Shading occurs because the pile of the carpet has become crushed, flattened or brushed in a different direction to the natural lie of the pile.

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Pile Reversal

Like shading, this occurs when the pile or nap of the carpet changes direction and thus reflects light at different angles.

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When a carpet is subjected to a heavy point load, such as under the legs of furniture, it is unreasonable to expect the carpet not to indent.

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Pulling Loops

Pulled loops occur only in looped pile carpet where one or more loops in the continuous pile is pulled through the primary backing of the carpet.

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The samples held by individual retailers may be from a different batch and should only be used as a guide and not an exact colour match.

Happy Customers

Kind words from retailers and customers.


As a retailer – Customers love the products. The colour choice is great. They are British made, hard wearing 80/20 wool carpets. I have customers, after having their Penthouse Carpet down 15 years plus, asking for the same make as they say they have been brilliant carpets. If you are looking for a wool carpet, then Penthouse Carpets are an excellent choice.

Jacqueline L.


Samples came within 3 days. Have used their carpets before and have always found them to be excellent and good value for money for a well made product. Great choice of colours and styles.

Jeff B.


I am a carpet retailer in Carlisle trading with Penthouse. First class service from John the rep and sales, quality and finish are all excellent.

Donald M.


Super fast delivery of sample and great quality – I have ordered 95sqm from my local supplier.

Trish H.


Penthouse Carpets Ltd have remained one of the biggest selections of shades since I can remember, the softness of their high quality carpets make a vast difference in the installation which eventually becomes British Wool luxury underfoot.

Gary C.D.


Outstanding company and an excellent product to fit.

Dave E.